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Product Reviews

【 Share Reviews Get NT$50 】


Quapni Members who have completed the order and shared a review, get NT$50 coupon.



Once you have completely shared the product review and system approved your review, Quapni will give NT$50 coupon to your Quapni member account in 24 hours.

Rules of coupon : Each order only get a coupon.

How do customers share reviews?

Customers who meet the following conditions can publish a personal review of the products they purchased:

  • The customer is visiting your store with status of logged in
  • The customer's account currently has at least one order pending to be reviewed (that is, the current order status is "completed" and the customer has not yet submitted his/her review for the order)

Step 1: Customers will see a reminder of product review at [member center] or [personal order details] page:

Step 2: Click the [write a review] button to enter the review page. click on the order no. you wanna review, lighten the stars to score each product in the order (required, minimum score is 1 star, full score is 5 stars), fill in the comments (optional), and finally click the [submit] button to publish review: